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Excelling as a Study Coordinator

This 3 day workshop will address the key fundamentals of managing a clinical study at the site.  The SCs will be taken through the life cycle of a clinical study at the site and how to drive success of the clinical study.  Topics will include:  preparing for site selection visits, managing budgets, developing recruiting and retention plans, ensuring site study teams adhere to protocol requirements, delivering quality in clinical trials, proactively identifying and managing risks that may arise in the clinical study.

Delivering a Successful Clinical Study:  A Roadmap for Study Coordinators


It is widely accepted that Study Coordinators (SC) are of vital importance in clinical research studies.  Sponsors and CROs increasingly understand that a strong SC is essential to the success of a study.  It is acknowledged that SCs play a key role in the implementation of clinical trials, which goes far beyond mere data collection and/or administrative support.  Not only does the SC directly contribute to the gathering of good quality data, but above all in protecting the rights, safety and well being of clinical trials subjects.  SCs play a pivotal role in attaining the highest ethical standards, which ensure data integrity, contributing to the protection of human subjects and, ultimately, the research site’s success.

With this in mind, Siara proposes a structured training curriculum for SCs.  This curriculum will not only educate, train and equip the SC with the skills and tools required to succeed in their roles, but can also serve as a career progression platform for healthcare workers such as nurses and pharmacists.

Siara offers the following workshops for Study Coordinators:


This 2 day workshop will focus on the issues faced in a clinical study and how the SCs can effectively address and resolve the issues.  Keys principles of root cause analysis will be shared and the focus would be to ‘think outside of the box’ when approaching and dealing with challenges in clinical studies.  A structured process will be introduced on how to make an effective decision when faced with dilemmas or situations requiring resolution.  The underlying objective of this course is to get the SCs to take ‘ownership’ of the study and hence think from a higher perspective where their technical knowledge and leadership skills can be combined to deliver a solution.