Our sister website offering  a comprehensive portfolio of workshops that will build the Interpersonal and Management skill set of business employees.

As a leading training provider, Siara is ideally positioned to deliver a wide range of training solutions from basic to advanced workshops that can accommodate staff of all experience and abilities, offering the best possible return on investment.​

Clinart MENA is an innovative, full service CRO covering the Middle East and North African countries. Headquartered in UAE, Clinart MENA also has established locations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Lebanon, thus providing direct access to 14 MENA countries, including Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. With over ten years of experience across the region, Clinart MENA brings global standards together with local expertise and cultural awareness. Thanks to the unique patient population of the MENA region, Clinart has developed niche therapeutic expertise that includes rare genetic diseases, blood disorders, and rare metabolic disorders. Our regional know-how includes a database of qualified sites and experienced investigators, thus ensuring optimal patient access within a high potential market. 

Together with Investors and Biotech companies we develop scientific innovations into medicines for tomorrow.

As specialists in early drug development, we provide Opportunity and Risk Assessments for critical investment decisions and offer Leading-Edge Development Advice for accelerated strategies, saving time and money.

BC Compliant cc offers comprehensive training solutions in South Africa.

MedEvent Partners are an event management company specialising in the provision of bespoke, inspirational events for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Our collaborative industry experience in both the pharmaceutical sector and event management gives us a clear objective understanding of our clients’ needs, ensuring your event is always fully compliant, whether local or international.  We deliver every detailed aspect of your event from the travel and location, to the content and delivery of your messages.

We put in place our team to suit your needs; working alongside talented individuals globally who have a proven track record of exceptional event delivery.

Whether you require a dynamic workshop or a large scale event we offer flexibility, meticulous attention to detail and cost effective solutions that will deliver results.

We provide a select suite of clinical development, medical affairs and healthcare compliance services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 

Our clinical development expertise has played a key role in obtaining multiple health authority approvals of global and country-specific submission dossiers for multiple new medicines and line extensions. We work across all phases of clinical development, from first in man, through registration trials and into post-marketing, real world and outcomes research studies. We also work closely with our clients to provide country-specific, highly experienced and up-to-date guidance on compliance matters in support of biopharmaceutical products.